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While traveling, there are always some questions going on in our mind which we want to get resolved as soon as possible. Sometimes, it gets urgent to have some guidance on some peculiar issues which can spoil the whole fun of the journey. In those cases, we make sure that our customers don’t deal with any kind of mess and get instant solutions to their problems.

This is made possible with our efficient helpline Delta Airlines Phone Number, where you just have to call and talk to our experts whenever you face any difficulty or want some information.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions are as given below:

How many Bags may I Carry on?

Onboard the aircraft, you may bring one carry-on item, plus one personal item. See our Baggage page for further information.

On Delta Connection flights, passengers travelling with 50 seats or less are permitted to carry personal items onboard the aircraft.  Larger items will be tagged with a pink Gate Claim/Planeside tag and loaded in the cargo bin due to limited overhead and under seat space. Upon deplaning, these bags will be returned to the passenger.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations must be met by all carry-on items. They may not exceed 22″ x 14″ x 9″. The FAA mandates that under a seat or in an enclosed storage compartment, all carry-on items fit.

Depending on the cabin storage capacity of the plane and the expected number of passengers, our gate or flight personnel may need to further limit the amount of carry-on baggage for a particular flight.

How to ensure my baggage arrival with me?

On all checked baggage, we require outside personal identification. In case the outside identification gets lost, we also recommend inside identification details.

Remember to always carry medicine, money, valuable documents, keys, jewelry, cameras and other small fragile items in your carry-on luggage, just in case your baggage is separated from you for a time. And remember to never lock your luggage.

What can I do to help in increasing the chances of finding my Item?

For that purpose, we request you to provide detailed, accurate descriptions on the Lost Item Report Form. Also, gather descriptive information about the item(s) prior to filling out the form if possible and be sure to include any and all identifiable details to help in our search. Please enter the information just as it appears on the item. Don’t forget to include the flight date and flight number reflecting when your item(s) were lost.

It will be better if you give us additional information in both the “brief description” field, as well as the “help us find your item” area. Failing to include information in either of these fields will limit our ability to find your item. We will also ask the information about whether you file your report within 7 days of your item becoming lost. Those reports which are submitted after 7 days have a decreased chance of item recovery.

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